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The Fundamental Golf Swing - DVD
Your personal lesson from Jimmy covering the seven Common Denominators on DVD, a bestseller for over 20 years, learn the basics of how to square the club every time!  This a duplicate of his instructional video shot in 1989, not remastered!  He has not changed his instruction!

"Jimmy showed me what my swing does. Now I correct myself..." -Curtis Strange

"The best thing I ever did for my game was work with Jimmy..."-Hal Sutton

"The man is a genius,brilliant...." -Rocco Mediate
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You may call 800-999-6664 for any information regarding the swing aids - The Jimmy Ballard Swing Connector®, Perfect Practice Glove or "The Fundamental Golf Swing" has been duplicated on DVD!

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Jimmy's book "How to Perfect Your Golf Swing" has been reprinted in hard cover, ready to ship now.

A new practice book is on it's way as well as new DVDs!

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